Callaghan Pump and controls Inc. is the authorized master distributor of Aurora Pumps for the New York metropolitan area. From small 7.5 hp inlines(pictured above) to 5000 gpm split case electric and diesel fire pumps, we can handle fire protection for any building. We specialize in high pressure pumps to meet the demand of super high-rise buildings in NYC. Callaghan Pump sells and services Aurora fire pumps. Whether it’s small inline pumps which are our “Bread and Butter” or large split case pumps, electric driven or with diesel drivers we do it all. We offer all major brands of diesel drivers for our pumps, with John Deere™ / Clarke™ Diesel Engine driven Fire Pumps being our preferred brand. “We sell more fire pumps than any distributor in New York” said Eileen Latona, the companies Vice President and Co-Founder. “Two jobs alone totaled 75,000 GPM, with a total of 7500 horsepower, now that’s a lot of fire protection” From small limited service rooftop units to the world’s first and second largest fire pump stations, we help the engineer with specifications, provide the contractor with submittals, order and startup and service the pumps for their useful life. All of our fire pumps pass the required 50%, 100%, and the 150% test at the Aurora pump factory in Aurora, IL and we provide their test results with every fire pump

Series 911 - Inline Fire pumps

Series 911 Bulletin

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