HVAC Pumps

Callaghan Pump and Controls is the master distributor for Aurora in the NYC area. Aurora offers one of the most complete HVAC lines in the industry. Pump choices include horizontal split case, vertical inline, and end suction. Along with pumps, Aurora offers all of the hydraulic accessories needed to complete a successful HVAC install. Unlike most other distributors, we offer Yaskawa drives for all of our pumps.

Sump / Sewage Pumps

We offer 3 styles of sump and sewage pumps to meet a range of needs: Hydromatic submersible pumps which rest in the pit below the water line (pictured above), Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps which lift the water out of the pit, and Carver vertical pedestal pumps which have the motor above the pit and the pump below water level.

Domestic Water Pumps

Our company selects, designs, assembles, programs, and pressure tests variable speed domestic water booster systems and tank fill pump systems. We exclusively use Yaskawa IQ Pump 1000 on every system that we build. From systems which flow 5gpm to 1000 gpm and pressure boosts from 10 psi to 800 psi, we can meet your needs.

Fire Pumps

Callaghan Pump & Contols Inc. is the authorized master distributor of Aurora Pumps for the New York metropolitan area. From small 7.5 hp inlines(pictured above) to 5000 gpm split case electric and diesel fire pumps, we can handle fire protection for any building. We specialize in high pressure pumps to meet the demand of super high-rise buildings in NYC.