Are you experiencing problems with your SICO Water Booster Systems constantly shutting down with service alarms? Are you tired of your SICO Booster Pumps needing constant overpriced service calls in order to get the pumps operating properly again? We have the solution to all of your problems.

At Callaghan Pump, we can help repair your SICO Water Pumps with a long-term solution by installing brand new top-of-the line IQ 1000 Yaskawa variable frequency drives (VFD). These enhanced pump control systems have two new variable speed drives which determine how much to run the pumps depending upon your usage and they are good for an average of 80,000 hours. These variable speed drives speed up in time of high usage and slow down or go to sleep at times of no usage.

Typically, we’ve found with many of our customers and our personal experiences that SICO Water Booster Pumps stop working with a service alarm shutdown on average every 14,000 hours (compared to our 80,000 hours) . We are hearing from many unsatisfied customers that they are being told by their SICO Pump service providers that they need to have constant overpriced service calls in order to keep their pumps operating and maintaining water pressure in their buildings. Our variable speed systems can help eliminate these expensive service calls.

It’s not necessary to keep hiring overpriced service companies to come on a regular basis to reset these service alarms. Are your SICO System Control Pumps alarm lights flashing on a regular basis and you’ve been told that you need to pay in order to have the pump brought back online?

Don’t continue to operate in this manner. We can help repair your pump with a long-term fix saving you money and time. We can have your pumps running for much longer and without the constant mandatory service visits every 14,000 hours or so.

Don’t worry about the changeover time or hassle. At Callaghan Pump, we fix this problem on SICO Water Booster Pump Systems in four hours or less. We are typically able to do this with one pump running so as not to discontinue water service to your building.

We stock the parts to service and upgrade SICO pumps with a long-term fix that will solve all of your costly problems. Don’t go another day without speaking with us about our long-term solutions. Stop paying for short-term fixes that require too much of your time and money. We can keep your SICO Water Booster Systems running without the need for costly service or repair. With our solution, your Water Booster Pumps will be supplying water pressure for more than five times the average hours as our competition- approximately every 80,000 hours rather than the current 14,000 hours.

At Callaghan Pump, New York’s most trusted source for pumps, a qualified technician is always available to speak with you and answer all of your SICO Water Booster System questions. Additionally, Yaskawa has 21 trained staff members available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at their 800 number. We’ve been helping customers solve the problems you’re experiencing with your SICO System Controls for over 24 years. Don’t waste any more time working with overpriced service providers that apply short-term solutions that waste your time and money.

Please call us at 212-736-4146 to speak with a Callaghan Pump representative so we can tell you more details of our enhanced pump control system for SICO Water Pumps. We’ll have your system back up and running for the long term, quickly and efficiently. We are ready to help you with all of your SICO Pump problems. Don’t be a chump, call Callaghan Pump!


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